Residential and Commercial Paving Services

We offer a variety of professional paving solutions that deliver against time, budget and installation objectives. Supervised by expert leadership, we execute every project with top of the line equipment and premium materials in order to exceed customer expectations.

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Residential Driveways

John’s Asphalt was built on providing quality paving work for residential properties. Our expert leadership team will conduct a thorough inspection of your driveway in order to provide you with the best possible solution. We believe it is our responsibility to deliver quality, dependable paving services in order to maximize the longevity of your investment.

We consider various factors with any new project, including subgrade and stone base requirements, driveway slopes to promote proper water drainage, transitions to existing asphalt and compaction, which collectively contribute to the extended life of your driveway. In addition, we professionally hand tamp driveway edges to aid in the paving process, resulting in a clean and finished look.

From removal and replacement of damaged existing asphalt and base preparation to asphalt application and compacting, we guarantee our work will exceed your expectations and meet your budget.

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Commercial Lots and Line Striping

We specialize in commercial paving construction, leveraging our extensive knowledge and resources to deliver seamless results. From repair services to large scale paving projects, we tailor each job to meet client expectations. Paving services are available for parking lots, roads, ramps and walkways for any commercial property.

In addition, we offer line striping (or painting) services to ensure commercial jobs are managed through completion. Due to weather elements, striping is a regular and recurring requirement to maintain clean, safe and organized lots. Our skilled project teams make certain your lot remains partially accessible throughout application. We use commercial grade equipment, materials that meet industry standards and verify your property is compliant with all fire department regulations.

Contracted jobs typically range in size and scope. We deliver clearly defined project management plans and budgets, customized to meet your exact needs. Full onsite construction management services, including owner oversight, accompany every project. We are fully insured and certify safeguards onsite, following strict OSHA and EPA guidelines.

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Sealcoating and Resurfacing

Asphalt requires proper and timely maintenance to ensure the surface remains clean, safe and protected. Over time, the rich black color of asphalt will fade to gray and the texture of asphalt will become increasingly coarse.

Sealcoating restores your asphalt surface to the aesthetically preferred rich black color it originally had and supports the structural integrity of your pavement, protecting it from water penetration, gas, oil, salt and petrochemicals, UV rays and pavement shrinkage. We apply professional quality sealer in precise ratios to preserve the longevity of your seal (and your driveway).

Resurfacing can also contribute to the extended life of your asphalt surface. This rehabilitation practice involves the structural repair of asphalt, which can range from patching to adding an entirely new layer of asphalt. All cracks, soft spots, holes and other damage on the existing surface are repaired prior to application, resulting in a finished overlay that extends the lifespan of some driveways and parking lots.

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