Stonework and Concrete Services

Our teams of trained professionals have the institutional knowledge and resources to build, re-design or repair any masonry structure, ranging from indoor/outdoor fireplaces and patios to foundations, waterproofing and exterior elevation work. Quality work and craftsmanship lead the construction and design of every project.

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John’s Asphalt retains a skilled team of stonemasons, capable of delivering custom stonework construction for any residential or commercial property. Using a variety of materials and techniques, we ensure that every structure meets the required specifications and personal taste of our customers.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality workmanship. We have a diverse portfolio of experience creating brick and stone veneer, patios, pool decks, driveways, stonewalls, walkways, chimneys and fireplaces, along with various other distinct stone projects. We identify the perfect material type of natural stone, brick and/or concrete and apply stamp patterns, stain colors, colored concrete, repointing and tuck-pointing best practices to achieve flawless, aesthetically sophisticated results.

Our stonework masonry is durable and individually curated to compliment the overall project landscape. We will assist you in designing, material selection and recommendations, functional construction and maintenance of your stone structure.

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Concrete Services

Concrete masonry units are an essential component of building. We provide expert and reliable concrete services for small and large-scale projects. Our team oversees structural concrete work on a variety of jobs, from technically sophisticated structures to more common residential and commercial tasks, including curbs, walkways and ramps, slabs, driveways, sidewalks and patio-garages.

Our services leverage innovative technology, including 3D modeling software and AutoCAD detailing to achieve top quality performance and precise, reliable, detailed fabrication layouts prior to construction. We also perform extensive QA and QC procedures on every job.

Concrete is selected based on project objectives, design parameters and budget restraints. We offer all aspects of construction management, from conceptual design and setup to pours and finishing. Crack repair and sealants are also available to minimize excess wearing and extend the life of your concrete structure.

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Retaining Walls and Industrial Structures

We recognize that retaining walls and industrial structures are a key part of any build. We offer industry-leading options for gravity and grid retaining walls in order to provide the safest and most efficiently engineered designs.

In addition to retaining walls, we specialize in construction for typical and large batter gravity walls, alternating planter and standard batter walls and typical reinforced and combination walls. We offer wall finishes and guards services, including various blocks, post and beam guardrails and cast-in-place slab traffic barriers for flat grade, sloping grade and wall coping. We also provide basement and sub-walls, stem wall slabs, monolithic and post-tension slabs, reinforced concrete and footings and foundations for both commercial and/or residential customers.

We make certain to use the best quality materials in our structures and design them to last. Regardless of the project, we guarantee expert craftsmanship and safety. We are licensed and bonded in Connecticut and have a long-standing reputation for delivering exceptional work on time and on budget.

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