Water Solutions and Site Services

We provide comprehensive and consistent site work for contractors and commercial management companies, ensuring construction sites are properly primed for any job. Our team oversees every aspect of a project, including planning, safety precautions, material orders, and site cleaning once a job is complete. Work plans, turnaround times and industry experts are handled directly by our owners.

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Drainage Systems

John’s Asphalt recognizes the value in assessing and correcting improper drainage in order to preserve your pavement. When water does not drain properly, ponding and puddling can quickly cause premature deterioration of asphalt. In addition, improper drainage can result in damage to your lawn as well as your foundation, basement or garage.

Our best practices mandate grading existing surface areas to ensure any change in elevation is gradual but consistent. Placement and slope along with grips and grade reversals are strategic and collectively important during construction. We utilize a wide variety of catch basins, concrete drain structures, channel drains, trench drains, closed and cut off drains, water bars, cross drains and culverts, depending on the site and surrounding landscape.

A properly drained pavement structure will protect your investment, be more appealing and significantly safer in both summer and winter months. Our expert teams are able to determine the most effective water systems and enhancements for each job and install solutions to guarantee seamless water flow and proficient drainage.

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Site and Building Demolition

We specialize in structural and selective demolition for commercial and residential properties. We offer safety and construction supervision services, along with well-trained teams, industry expertise and a fleet of new, regularly maintained construction equipment to efficiently complete any demolition project.

Our services range from interior gut-out and strip-out demolition to tearing out entire floors of commercial buildings. Regardless of the interior or structural task, we manage all aspects of the job, from permitting, inspections and utility disconnects to septic tank abandonment, silt fence installation and well plugging. We also take care of all hauling of debris, removal of storage tanks, boilers and building mechanical systems along with any associated dump fees.

We are AHERA certified, maintain extensive liability coverage and manage each demolition project with attention to detail and close oversight. We are environmentally responsible, separating reusable and recyclable materials, whenever possible. We make certain each job is complete promptly, cleanly and safely with no contaminants left behind. Site management and custom engineering services remain current and always available.

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Excavation and grading are extremely important components of the construction process. We are armed with powerful, heavy equipment and skilled operators, capable of completing any job. We have extensive experience integrating paving and/or bridgework with excavation and utilities. From stripping topsoil to mass excavation, building reservoirs to rock excavation, fills to finish grading or digging footings for a small building to altering significant ground for large commercial properties, we connect with all relevant companies to ensure excavation work is appropriately identified and safely executed.

We offer emergency excavating and utility services, including grinder pump installation, pipe repair and septic system installation. Bulk and trench cut (excavation) and fill (embankment) processes are common practice for our onsite teams.

Each project is unique and will likely require a different approach, so creating a working environment of shared responsibility will inevitably result in an effective, sequenced plans and optimized project construction. Our value proposition is the convenience of working with one contractor for all required excavation and water utility building services.

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