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Yes, John’s Asphalt is licensed in the State of Connecticut for commercial snow removal.

Yes, we carry a significant general liability insurance policy.

We have commercial routes throughout Fairfield County. Contact us for more information.

Our minimum snowfall amount is 1”.

Absolutely. There will be a snowplow crew assigned to your site, dedicated to meeting your operating timelines.

John’s Asphalt makes certain to provide all services in the safest manner possible. It is our top priority during daytime snow events to keep traffic moving through parking lots and driveways by keeping main lanes open and main sidewalk entrances clear. Once your business is closed, our crews are re-deployed to clear the entire property.

Yes. We have front-end loaders, skid steers, snowplows, pushers and trucks for hauling and re-locating snow to accommodate any of your operational needs.

Yes, we use snow blowers and shovels to clear sidewalks, steps and landing areas.

We use a combination of rock salt, calcium blends, sodium and potassium products.

Yes, we use traction sand to provide temporary traction during storm event(s). Even though sand doesn’t melt ice, unlike other resources, sand doesn’t lose its performance when temperature drops.

No, currently, we do not offer snow services to Home Owner Associations or single-family residences.

Our policy is to avoid placing snow in empty parking spaces, however there are certain instances where it is unavoidable. In those cases, we try to place snow at the very front of the parking space(s), so vehicles can still park. In extreme weather events, we may have no choice other than to completely plow a space (if there is no other place to move the snow).

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