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Yes, we are. We will also make certain all appropriate permits are secured with the city/county prior to beginning your project.

Yes, we do. It is best for us to assess the ground needs associated with the culvert during our consultation. John’s Asphalt will ensure city/county requirements are met during installation.

A culvert is a structure that allows water to flow under a road, railroad, trail or similar obstruction, from one side to the other. Typically, culverts are embedded or surrounded by soil. A culvert may be made from a pipe, reinforced concrete or other material. They are commonly used as cross drains for ditch relief and to pass water under a road at natural drainage and stream crossings.

Yes. We understand all disciplines of site work and specialize in almost every type of construction, except building an actual house.

Site work estimates are based on the project. It is imperative for any site work or structural work that we see the project prior to providing you with a formal estimate. Contact John’s Asphalt to set up a consultation.

Demolition is a complex set of tasks involving structural dismantlement, site clearance, environmental remediation, salvage, recycling and industrial recovery. It is a highly sophisticated craft and should only be executed by professionals.

John’s Asphalt uses a combination of hydraulic equipment with specialized attachments, cranes, loaders and wrecking balls.

Yes. John’s Asphalt strives to recycle, salvage or reuse as much material as possible.

John’s Asphalt has extensive experience with interior demolition, industrial demolition, commercial demolition and deconstruction.

There is very little difference between the two methods, aside from the labor and time associated with deconstruction. Demolition leverages a considerable amount of equipment and technology. Deconstruction involves the hand dismantlement of structures.

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